Ep. 266 – Who’s #1?
April 25, 2012
Ep. 268 – iPad, uPad, we all Pad!
May 10, 2012

Ep. 267 – Tonsil Hockey and Tongue Bowling!

TOPIC:  Quality Warning – the first 15 minutes have some crackle and pops, so don’t adjust your audio.  They do go away after that!

Dave and Mike have a great time discussing Spotify apps, and then get back into that whole android vs. iPad discussion, which is particularly relevant to Mike as he anxiously awaits the arrival of his new iPad next week.  The Hugo-adjacent Jay Garmon joins us for some intelligent repartee and asks the following question of the week:

What star is the reference for the apparent magnitude scale of celestial brightness?

Coolsites of the week include:

  • YourLogicalFallacyIs – Wondering why that argument you’re having online seems to be going in circles?  Need a quick way to tell someone exactly why they’re wrong?  This is the site for you!
  • SpotFlux – Protect your data by using spotflux whenever you’re in a non-protected wifi environment!  Free VPN.

The podcast only song of the week is the pleasingly retro “On Board” by Friendly Fires.

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