Ep. 264 – Give it Up For Facebook?
March 27, 2012
Ep. 266 – Who’s #1?
April 25, 2012

Ep. 265 – Trade up that iPad 2 with NextWorth!

TOPIC:  Dave and Mike get to talk to Jeff Trachsel of NextWorth this week, and discuss how NextWorth can help you trade up (or at least get rid of) all that tech junk you’ve been collecting!

We also talk about Macintosh’s malicious malware that has descended on fully 600,000 of you supercilious, overconfident apple fanboys! (And yes, Mike does take a load of special joy out of this occurrence).  Between that and Google glasses discussions we wind up missing out on Jay Garmon but he does send along a trivia question to keep us thinking for a week or two:

What is the first recognized software Easter egg — one that’s 45 years old?

We also get some great coolsites of the week in:

  • DailyDislike – Exactly what it sounds like … tell people what you hate today!
  • White Pages Neighborhoods – See who lives next to you!  Phone numbers, addresses, and kids names … a little creepy perhaps but ultrauseful!
  • Search EBooks – Great place to find downloadable copyright free e-Books and documents!
  • HypeMachine – Great place (and app) to find new music!

The podcast only song of the week is “Mister LittleJeans” by Runaway.

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