Ep. 263 – The War on Porn!
March 13, 2012
Ep. 265 – Trade up that iPad 2 with NextWorth!
April 8, 2012

Ep. 264 – Give it Up For Facebook?

TOPIC:  Do you need a job so badly that you’re willing to give potential employers the keys to your private life?  That’s just one of the questions we attempt to answer this week, in addition to looking at the Windows 8 Metro interface, getting excited about Photoshop 6 being available for free (well, until mid-April or so anyways) and hearing another fabulous geek trivia question from Jay Garmon:

If we had kept all planets given that designation throughout history (e.g., Pluto, or the asteroid Pallas), how many planets would there be in the Solar System today?

We have some great coolsites of the week too, some you’ll have to listen to the show for but others right here:

  • BPMinus – Be your own DJ!  Allows you to change the tempo of music without altering pitch – perfect for budding musicians trying to get that speed metal riff just right too!
  • Transparent Screen – Lets you see “through” your android device so you can safely (?) text and walk!  Search for it in the Google Play app store.
  • MiniLyrics – Automatically download and display lyrics to your favorite songs, pretty much no matter what you are using to listen with!  Free and with a surprisingly large number of apps supported.

The podcast only song of the week is “Dead End” by The Whitest Boy Alive.


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