Ep. 260 – A Leap Year for Geeks!
February 29, 2012
Ep. 263 – The War on Porn!
March 13, 2012

Ep. 262 – Windows 8 Unseen!

TOPIC:  Flying solo again this week, Mike takes down the consumer release of Windows 8 and tells you what to look for (and look out for)!  Is it just a tablet OS?

Jay Garmon joins us (or should we say saves us?) with some fabulous discussion on tablets and reading, writing and the difficulty thereof.  Are tablets just for media consumption, not creation? We also get very excited about virtual reality glasses and how they will be the way of the future … and then after a deep discussion on the conjoining of ebook technology and AR glasses, Jay jumps in with another fabulous trivia question of the week:

What glaring mathematical error in the Pioneer plaque defeats it’s purpose?

Some wonderful coolsites of the week finish us off:

  • ByLiner – Follow your favorite authors and writers, and make sure not to miss any of their online content!
  • SourceFabric – Download the free and opensource BookType to format your books into an eBook of any type!
  • PaperWall – Awesome wallpaper site, with a huge collection of beautiful photography for your desktop!  (Note: Some images may be NSFW)

The podcast only song of the week is “Only an Expert” by Laurie Anderson.

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