Ep. 257 – 9 Algorithms That Changed the Future
January 25, 2012
Ep. 259 – Spacewars 50x Redux!
February 14, 2012

Ep. 258 – Healthcare Technology and Mobility

TOPIC:  Mike talks healthcare and mobility and more with Steve Rosen and Jeremy Hillman of Proximiti Communications!  This doesn’t happen of course until after we get a rant in about why not to get a satellite radio, how Mike supports the Pats and a sad update regarding Micron’s CEO Steve Appleton’s tragic Plane crash.

Jay “Encyclopedia Garmonica” saves us from ourselves with not only the answer to last week’s question, but a great (and tough) new one:

Of the people that stand to make the most from facebook IPO, 3 people besides founders stand to make millions.  Who are they?

We have such a great conversation there’s no time left over for coolsites, except these:

  • Proximiti Consulting – Steve and Jeremy’s home!  If you’re looking for more detail on what we discussed on-air, or ways that you can more effectively integrate mobility solutions and mobile device management into your organization, Proxmiti is a great place to start – You can contact Steve Rosen at 847-512-7896 or via email steve.rosen@prxomiti.com.
  • NFL.com – One of the only legal sites to watch the big game this weekend 🙂

The podcast only song of the week is “Hit ’em Up Style” by Carolina Chocolate Drops.

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