Ep. 253 – Dynamic Collaboration!
December 23, 2011
Special Report – Top Shows of 2011!
January 5, 2012

Ep. 254 – The year in review (and other random stuff)

TOPIC:     Happy new years, listeners!  Can you believe we’ve finished another trip around the sun so quickly?  And that so much happened this last 12-months?  We have a great and quite random discussion about this, talking about top stories of 2012 and spending altogether too much time discussing the loss of Steve Jobs.

Jay EncycloGarmonica does us the service of answering the previous question and provides a new and quite current “ripped from the headlines” trivia question for you:

Why is the US Government looking to rule whether the X-Men should be considered human beings or not?

No coolsites this week – but check our Facebook page http://facebook.com/techtalkwrlr for some “Best Of”‘s for 2011!

Podcast only song, after the break, is “Help, I’m Alive!” by Metric.

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