Ep. 243 – ZocDoc CEO and Founder Cyrus Massoumi!
September 20, 2011
Ep. 245 – Spotify Killed the Radio Star
October 4, 2011

Ep. 244 – A Vaccination for Late Fees?

TOPIC:  OK, maybe not, but Mike and Dave cover so much ground (and go so far off the rails) there’s no possible headline that could encompass it all!  Between bemoaning the anti-vaccer movement to Kindle library books and Spotify on Facebook, we get a lot of great conversation in … and the occasional bit of tech too!

Jay Garmon comes to us with yet another great geek trivia question:

Since ratification in 1972, how many people have filed suit under the space liability convention?

We go for quality not quantity this week on the coolsites with:

  • Mouse Without Borders (download link) – Straight from microsoft’s garage, this KVM killer will let you run multiple machines with a single mouse and keyboard!
  • F.Lux – adjusts your screen color and brightness automagically based on the time of day and your location.

The podcast only song of the week this week is “Bomba” by Jesse Matador!

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