Ep. 225 – McAfee in the Breach!
April 12, 2011
Ep. 227 – LeBlanc Dishes on Jive
April 26, 2011

Ep. 226 – Poker is Busted!

TOPIC:  Like playing poker online?  Well, so did a lot of people apparently; enough so that when the government decided to bust ’em all for money laundering and fraud there was quite an outcry!  We miss Dave, but that’s just as well as he’s probably sick of Mike’s rants about Amazon and tax laws at this point, not to mention more discussion on the Kindle 🙂

Jay Garmon comes on and as usual stumps us with this trifle of trivia fun:

What word in the OED is directly credited to the Simpsons?

Without Dave, there’s finally ample time to get to a whole bunch of really cool cool sites of the day:

  • EReaderIQ – Gets you connected to the best free kindle books (and alerts you if there’s a price drop on watched books)
  • KindleFish – Google translate … for your kindle!
  • MarkUp.io – Edit and markup web pages and then share the notes with your friends!
  • LightWorks Beta – Llightworks open source video editor.  Professional-grade movie editing software.

We end this week with the podcast only song “We Got Tonight (say it again)” by Sleeperstar!

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