Ep. 219 – I Lost on Jeopardy, Baby!
February 22, 2011
Ep. 221 – And the Kitchen Sink too!
March 6, 2011

Ep. 220 – Sweet Gadgety Goodness!

TOPIC:  No Dave, but lots of discussion about the new Verizon iPhone, the Motorola Zoom tablet vs. the soon to be ubiquitous iPad 2, and then our good friend Jay Garmon comes on to not only discuss ebooks and copyright materials for a while, but then zings us with another great trivia question:

What element of retiring space shuttle equipment will any school be able to purchase for less than $50 (including shipping)?

Of course you get some awesome cool sites of the week too:

  • SlickScreen – Allows you to put up multiple webpages and applications with just the right size and position!
  • Greplin – Searches not just your desktop, it searches the cloud … all your apps and links and social networking at once!

And we end with the podcast only song of “Drunk Girls” off of LCD Soundsystem’s final album (ever)!

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