Ep. 217 – Facebook for Old Folks!
February 7, 2011
Ep. 219 – I Lost on Jeopardy, Baby!
February 22, 2011

Ep. 218 – McAfee’s Malware Madness

TOPIC:  Mike flies mainly solo today, discussing a wide range of things, including most notably the top malware to beware of courtesy of McAfee!

Jay Garmon can’t come on personally, but provides us with the answer to last week and a new way to entertain and educate with this trivia twister:

What world-famous web site activated it’s domain name on Valentine’s day 2005?

There’s even time for a few great coolsites of the week!

  • MaComfort – Make that irritating PC interface look as mac-ey as it can!
  • Comic Master – Easy to learn and use make your own comic book app for you or the kids!
  • Office Training – Very in-depth training and reference guides for Office 2010 and 2007.
  • RunKeeper – Free running and tracking app for your iPhone!

Podcast only song this week is Not a Love Song by Uh Huh Her!

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