Ep. 214 – Kindle Love and More!
January 20, 2011
Ep. 216 – Egypt Calling … Or Not?
January 30, 2011

Ep. 215 – Jobs off the Job? Plus when and what to borrow, not buy!

TOPIC:  Mike and Dave get pretty deep in a heated discussion (hot and heavy?) about Steve Jobs and whether we need – or deserve – to know if he’s healthy or ever coming back to take the helm at Apple.  Plus, we have an awesome interview and discussion with Eric Ginsberg, VP of Bookswim and lending expert talks to us all about renting virtually anything (not just your beer) – movies, dresses, cars, trees, books, anything!

To top off that great talk, we figure out our tech issues with Skype for the last time and get Jay Garmon on for some great geek trivia:

What other product – besides plastic building blocks – is Lego corporation the world leader in production?

With such great folks to talk to, we don’t have a tremendous amount of time for coolsites, but we do have some tremendous coolsites:

  • Chintzee – Specifically for Amazon, will alert you to price changes, drops and updates.  You’ll never miss the best price again!
  • 42 Goals – Bare bones and cloud-based goal tracking site for the new year, or any time

We end up with our podcast only song of the week Reppirt Yad! by The Budos Band.

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