Ep. 213 – Top 10 of 2010!
January 5, 2011
Ep. 215 – Jobs off the Job? Plus when and what to borrow, not buy!
January 25, 2011

Ep. 214 – Kindle Love and More!

TOPIC:  Mike and Dave break down the good things – and the problem – with Mike’s new kindle, including how useful (or not) it may be for academicians.

Jay attempts to come on, we fight through some tech issues and finally get some great geek trivia!

What mathematical geek search technique was used to find the missing hydrogen bomb that was lost in the ocean in 1966?

We wrap it up with some great cool sites of the week too:

Gotta love that music – this week our podcast only song of the week is Maximum Balloon (vs. David Byrne) with Apartment Wrestling!

(NOTE:  Due to licensing issues we instead play The Killer’s “Somebody Told Me” on the podcast – sorry to be confusing!)

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