Ep. 212 – Cisco and Linksys Router Ramblings!
December 21, 2010
Ep. 214 – Kindle Love and More!
January 20, 2011

Ep. 213 – Top 10 of 2010!

TOPIC:  OK, there is just no way Mike could hold himself to only 10, but he did stop at 11 so it really wasn’t too bad!  In addition we talk about the reported Verizon iPhone, the push of 4g and WiMax tech, plus what to look for in the coming year with mobile vs. TV vs. handheld, and more!

Wouldn’t be a good new year without the inimitable Jay Garmon joining us to talk about his new gig, Backupify, and give a new great geek trivia question this week:

What ingredient of Coca-Cola is still used from the original formula, that would be illegal for any other beverage company in the country to import or use?

OK, so here’s those top 10 (or 11) coolsites of the year:

  • Google Voice – I’m sure this doesn’t surprise you; if you haven’t heard us talk about it already check it out today!
  • myJobChart – Great way to keep track of your kids and their chores (and rewards)!
  • WiseStamp – Awesome signature plugin for Firefox that lets you fully customize your signature(s)!
  • Kaseya Free – Manage, control, and troubleshoot your PC’s from anywhere!
  • Prezi.com – Kick powerpoint to the kurb and give a REAL Prezi prezentation!
  • Microsoft-hohm – Track energy usage in your home!
  • Retrevo – Manuals, manuals, manuals!  Never forget to RTFM again!
  • Hiren’s Boot CD – Tons of useful and easy to use tools and utilities to save your computer or hard drive from any problem you can think of!
  • NoReplyAll – Outlook plugin that stops anyone on Outlook from (easily) replying all or forwarding your email!
  • NeedToMeet – Less work than Timebridge even, just an awesome way to get people together on a preferred day/time.
  • Freeware-guide.com – EXACTLY what it sounds like!  Check it out for all your free stuff needs!

Thanks for joining us this year!  And our podcast only song of the week is a little old school ditty named “Bustin Loose” by Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers!

(NOTE:  Due to licensing issues we instead play The Killer’s “Somebody Told Me” on the podcast – sorry to be confusing!)

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