Product Review – Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball
October 22, 2010
Ep. 205 – Landline Savings!
November 3, 2010

Ep. 204 – Phoning It In

TOPIC:  No Dave “Sparky” Saganaki around to keep Mike in check means you get to hear a LOT about cell phones, cell service, the death of GOOG-411 and everything phone related this week!  Why?  No one’s really sure what Mike’s hangup is, but Jay Garmon even joins in the fun!

Jay is of course eager to tell us about (the ultra-hip sci-fi convention happening in Louisville, KY this Easter but we keep him focused on geek trivia long enough to answer the question of the week last week and ask yet another fantastic one:

What unit of measure is used to define the energy output of a supernova?

We’ve got so many coolsites of the week bunkered up we decided to just start throwing ’em out there, so here’s the first “dump” – check back next week for another great grouping too!

  • Hiren’s Boot CD – If you’ve ever needed an emergency boot CD, you’ll immediately see the value here, but if not, check it out and all the cool things it will let you do to your “broken” machine; reset passwords, make an image, check viruses, and on and on.
  • GroupMe – Got a bunch of friends that you text to regularly, and hate having to pass on the info to everyone?  Did you somehow become the elected ‘switchboard’?  Not any more!  Use a groupme number to send everyone a message simultaneously, or even set up an on-the-fly conference call!
  • Aviary – A whole suite of cool online tools for audio and image editing.  Make your own music or edit something you’ve already created, no need for an account!
  • Fiverr – Got five bucks burning a whole in your pocket?  Have something unique or a little crazy you’re willing to do for a fiver?  This is the place to go!
  • Hanzismatter – How much did you pay for that chinese character on your back?  Are you sure it says what you think it does?  Get the real scoop here, and see some hilarious mistakes non-Chinese speakers have made … permanently inscribed on their bodies!

We take a little detour with our podcast only song of the week and give you Killing Monsters in the Rain by Steel Train!

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