Ep. 201 – What the What?
October 1, 2010
Ep. 203 – A Paramour or a Pair is More?
October 15, 2010

Ep. 202 – Security TuneUp with McAfee

TOPIC:  This week we get a fantastic security tuneup with McAfee’s Dave Marcus!  Dave is the Director of McAfee Labs Security Research Communications (you’d think a guy with ‘communication’ in his title could make his bio a little easier to umm, communicate?) … and he has a wealth of info and advice to share with us about social networking viruses and scams, who these rats are that are creating these things, and more!  In fact, we have a such a great time, we’re hoping to make his presence on the show a semi-regular thing!

Before Dave, of course we put Jay Garmon in the hotseat, finally getting an answer to the previous Geek Trivia and impressing us with the next one:

How many kilo-calories are available in every gram of mass, per Einstein’s famous equation?

And if that wasn’t cool enough, Mike even manages to sneak in a few really cool sites of the week:

  • McAfee.com – Check out here to get more info on McAfee and their products as well as McAfee’s security blog.
  • McAf.ee – McAfee’s secure URL shortening service.  This way you can share secure shortened URL’s with all your twitter and FB friends!


  • ShareKeyboard – Links your Android phone and your computer’s keyboard so you can text and type with a full-size text entry device 😛
  • DrawSpace – Great way to learn how to draw, or finetune some of your nascent skills … excellent for kids or adults!
  • MyJobChart – Keep those kids motivated and productive, my jobchart is a ‘to-do’ list with points for kids!

A blustery Chicagoland day calls for a great podcast only song of the week – Lake Michigan by Rogue Wave!

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