Ep. 190 – Google Heil!
May 27, 2010
Ep. 192 – The Lost ‘cast … or … Mike and Dave Unplugged!
June 5, 2010

Ep. 191 – Vive le Apple!

TOPIC:  Just Mike yet again, this week astounded by the fact that Apple has exceeded Microsoft in market cap.  After getting excited about that – and the fact that MS is nipping at Apple’s heels in order to get Bing into the iPhone – we do get down to some real tech news, tips and information.

Plus, as expected Jay Garmon comes through yet again with a phenomenal geek trivia question for the week:

How many screens did the original Star Wars open on when it was released on Memorial Day?

There’s some great coolsites of the week to take you off into the sunset:

  • NeedToMeet – Just what it sounds like, a dead simple (and free) way to get everyone you need to meet with in the same place at the same time!
  • WhichDateWorks – Another great way to get a bunch of people to meet and choose a date!
  • OpenClipArt – Tired of those stale old clipart images everyone uses for their invitations?  Ditch ’em with this site!
  • LoveVectorFree – Another great place to find some cool images for your invites, websites, or applications.  Some are very artistic and cool!
  • Cool Old Video Games – via Kim Kommando, an awesome list of web-based free to play old-school coinop games!
  • Google PacMan – didn’t get a chance to waste some of the 4.8B hours everyone else did?  Check it out now!
  • Kongregate – a somewhat social take on fun free games … lots of flash and java and some great puzzle games if you’re looking for that!

The podcast only song of the week this week is Eighties Movies by The Billionaires!

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