Ep. 189 – Apple vs. Gizmodo, who’s “The Man” now?
May 19, 2010
Ep. 191 – Vive le Apple!
May 29, 2010

Ep. 190 – Google Heil!

TOPIC:  Just Mike – and as you may have noticed a very busy guy lately!   We finish up a few minutes early, but still manage to pack some great springtime news and tips – like how to get rid of all that extra cabling and defunct electronic equipment with SWALCO, and some in-depth coverage of the sordid tales of theft, graft, and deception surrounding the ‘lost’ iPhone 4G and Germany’s problems with Google’s WiFi collection policies!

Jay Garmon doesn’t let us down either, coming up with a great question to keep y0u thinking:

Embrace – Extend – Extinguish has been used by MS as a policy/motto for monopolizing market share, but was actually based on a much more harmless adage for what?

Mike caps it all off with some great coolsites of the week:

  • SWALCO – If you’re in the Lake County area and looking to recycle electronics or other hazardous stuff, this is the place to go for your local schedule!
  • BatchGeo – Import sets of locations using excel or .csv and plot them instantly in Google Maps.
  • Route Planner – I thought it was crazy that this app is free as I’ve seen companies spend thousands on good multi-vehicle delivery route planners; but it is, and it all works in Google Maps!
  • inSSIDer WiFi Scanner – Similar to our past favorite netstumbler, but works great in Vista and Windows 7 … if you’re at all curious about what’s around you in the ether, check it out!
  • Bing 411 – Voice reco traffic info, driving directions, phone numbers, weather, really a great competitor to Goog411 (a past cool site)!

The podcast only song of the week this week is “We Are Scientists” with Chick Lit!

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