Ep. 184 – Mail Bag!
March 31, 2010
Ep. 186 – Here, There, Whatever!
April 16, 2010

Ep. 185 – Eye-Fi CEO Jef Holove!

TOPIC:  The whole crew is here, including Jay Garmon and Dave is with us too!  But what really rounds out the show is a great interview and discussion with Eye-Fi CEO Jef Holove who gives us the lowdown on the pretty darn amazing technology and uses behind their new products.

If you’ve ever thought “there’s got to be a better way” as you took your picture from your digital camera, popped the chip, plugged the chip, downloaded the images, uploaded the images, and then tried to find the link to tell your friends about it – well, you’re right!  Listen in and find out what Eye-Fi can do for you.

The geek trivia question of the week is:

What did CADIE (the Google “sentient” April fool’s invention) consider the greatest thing in all the universe?

Got a real handful of coolsites of the week this week too – check ’em out!

  • ZeuSoftware ZeuApp – Over 80 great, free apps that you can download immediately!
  • AVG Rescue CD and the McAfee Stinger – A few extra tools to stick in your virtual ‘bag’ this spring as you go around helping out the friends and relatives with their malware and spyware woes.
  • Information is Beautiful – For anyone that hated statistics but loved art class, this will really open your eyes!

The podcast only song of the week this week is the happy “Set Sail” by Montt Mardie!

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