Ep. 183 – The Ugly Boys Show
March 22, 2010
Ep. 185 – Eye-Fi CEO Jef Holove!
April 5, 2010

Ep. 184 – Mail Bag!

TOPIC:  Lots of news and views today, with Mike slamming those Russian spammers!  Plus we respond directly to listener mail with questions from Australia and let you know exactly what you’re going to need to get 3D TV in your home!

Then Jay Garmon saves Mike’s proverbial and solo bacon once again with this great trivia question:

What physical phenomenon was predicted by Einstein’s formulae, but that he died denying was possible?

Then we throw some love at these cool sites of the week:

  • WiseStamp – Hate the GMail signature feature?  Need more than one signature when you’re doing Yahoo! Mail?  Wisestamp addon for Firefox is the (free) tool you need!
  • Puniz – Yet another great and fast way to get your tunes from teh webs!  Similar to Grooveshark, it makes a nice addition to your library of music-finding options!
  • LenMus – Open source software for learning music theory … really cool, really free!  Won’t teach you how to play guitar or piano, but will tell you what all those little dots mean!

Podcast only song of the week will give you “Something to Do” by Rooney!

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  1. Would love the links for the utilities you mentioned during this show. One was for changing partitions and the other was for finding duplicate files.

  2. TechTalk says:

    Sure thing – and apologies, I forgot about including those!

    EASUS Partition manager is a great product, and been around for a while (as well as being a coolsite for us in the past too): http://www.partition-tool.com/

    The duplicate file finders that I was talking about are:

    And then the ‘off the hook’ excel cool software is:
    Which is all around just one of the coolest pieces of software i’ve seen! 🙂 It will let you find duplicates too, though in a bit more of a manual way.

    Hope that helps!

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