Ep. 158 – News and Views
September 3, 2009
Ep. 160 – Plextor Multimedia and Storage
September 17, 2009

Ep. 159 – URLesque’s Ban on Cats Day!

TOPIC:  This week we talk to Stephen Lentz, editor-in-chief for the most  excellent website URLesque.com and find out why they hate cats so much (they don’t, really!).  Find out why they’re doing their best to give ’em a break this Wednesday 9/9/09 and coordinating a web-wide No Cats Day!  We throw our hat in the ring and pledge to post no blogs about cats this Wednesday ourselves.  We’ve got Jay Garmon’s Geek Trivia on and the usual junk, including a great coolsite of the week:

  • Virtual Gumshoe – Looking to find out some information on a prospective employee, contractor, boyfriend or boss?  Look no further, Virtual Gumshoe will connect you with all the best free sites on the web that offer public records, civil and court case info, arrest data and more!  And of course, most of this is verified 100% free!

We don’t have a podcast only song this week, because we got a radio edit version of Shock Horror by The View so everyone can enjoy!  Check it out and tune in next week too!

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