Ep. 153 – CIA Spycraft and Gadgets!
July 1, 2009
Special Report – Who’s your GoDaddy!?
July 17, 2009

Ep. 154 – Cutting Edge Casio Camera Tech

TOPIC:  Jay Garmon is back this week as we actually remember the right number to call him on, and give Customer Jones her chance to break bad on the undisputed master of Geek Trivia (all in fun naturally)!

Plus, we bring on Darin Pepple from Casio corporation to talk about the newest innovations and changes in digital picture taking technology, particularly the new Exilim FC-100 model that brings high speed options to new level.  Haven’t heard much about what Casio is doing with imaging tech?  Then you will surely want to tune in and find out about double-processors, CCM tech, slow-mo and high-speed photography options as Casio lays it out with cutting edge photography and video that fits in your pocket!

Check back here in the next week or so to get our full review of the newest Casio camera line – we got our hands on the FC100 for a few weeks and were very impressed!

The cool site of the week this week was sooo cool, we only needed one:

  • Wubi – A free and easy way to set up your windows machine to dual-boot into Ubuntu.  Why you may ask?  Well, yours truly boots his laptop into Linux nearly every time I’m traveling; who wants to wait 8 minutes for an XP desktop to come up when all I really want to do is check my Gmail account and do a little surfing?  With Ubuntu I’m up in less than 3 minutes, and Wubi makes setting this up a breeze, even for our non-tech listeners!

The podcast only song of the week is “Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh” by Say Hi!  And don’t listen to Dave, this song is clean as a whistle and suitable for all ages! 😉

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  1. […] Check out our recorded interview with Casio to hear even more detail about this very cool, 4 chips out of 5 product! […]

  2. casio says:

    “cutting edge” hehe good name

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