Ep. 126 – Yahoo! and Google quits!
June 25, 2009
Ep. 154 – Cutting Edge Casio Camera Tech
July 14, 2009

Ep. 153 – CIA Spycraft and Gadgets!

TOPIC:  We missed Jay this week through issues that were solely the responsibility of the host (yours truly), so don’t believe the audio where we cuss Jay out (for those with sensitive ears this is of course not true, we would have redacted anything like that!)  Speaking of which, on the flip side our error with Jay got us a ton of time to spend with J. Keith Melton and discussion on his new book SPYCRAFT: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE CIA’S SPYTECHS, FROM COMMUNISM TO AL-QAEDA. His book and our interview are well worth your time as we cover the first mobile communication devices, evolution of spy gadgetry, and what does miniaturization mean for spies of today!

We decided to do a list of lists coolsite listing this week and came up with:

  • Data Recovery Tools – Top 5 FREE data recovery tools, as collected by Lifehacker.
  • Online PDF Apps – Top 10 awesome online PDF apps, as collected by CNET.
  • Career Sites – Top 20 slideshow of IT professional’s career websites from Dice to The Ladders, as collected by Network World.
  • Top 50 Websites – 50 websites you’ll wonder how you ever lived without, as selected by curiousread.com!

The podcast only song of the week is “The Golden Path” by Chemical Brothers feat. Flaming Lips!

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