Episode 145 – Let’s Talk Conficker with Mark!
April 28, 2009
Episode 147 – Fun, Fun, Fun (and getting things done)!
May 14, 2009

Episode 146 – Speed it Up! with Mike Miller

TOPIC:  Author and musician Mike Miller comes back to the show to talk to us about making the most out of that ‘dying’ PC.  If you’re debating whether you should upgrade to a newer piece of equipment or if it’s possible to squeeze some more  useful life out of what you’ve got, you’ll want to listen in this week!  His tips and insight are also good in general, and you’ll be sure to pick up something of value even if you don’t get his highly recommended book Speed it Up! A Non-Technical Guide for Speeding Up Slow Computers

We also spend a lot of time with our good friend Jay “Geek Trivia” Garmon, who informs us that WRLR now has an exclusive lock on the Geek Trivia output from Louisville!

In addition to all of that excitement, we’ve got our cool sites of the week:

  • Panda Cloud Antivirus – Free, light, outstanding quality?  Wow, how better to sum up what we look for in a cool site of the week!  Get your hands on this necessary piece of software and protect your computer today  …
  • Windows Live SkyDrive – More very cool microsoft cloud stuff, this gives you 25GB of free online space.  That’s right, that’s  a capital G for giga and a lower-case f for free!  You’ll need an office live account, but guess what?  Those are free too!

Our podcast only song of the week this week is Kinky’s remake of Mexican Radio.  And don’t forget to check out Mike Miller’s Speed it Up! or any of his other many excellent tomes!

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