Episode 114 – Matt Richtel and Your Email Footprint
April 21, 2009
Episode 146 – Speed it Up! with Mike Miller
May 7, 2009

Episode 145 – Let’s Talk Conficker with Mark!

TOPIC:  This week we have the privilege of giving away TWO sets of iFrogz DJ Style Headphones!  Plus Dave gets his own set to style for us, so the TechTalk team look is now complete … If you missed our review of these very cool (and great value) headphones, the blog entry is right HERE.  The winners this week were ‘CurtIsHere‘ and ‘JimBred‘ – we’ll be contacting them for shipping info right away!

Didn’t win one yourself?  Well, we’ve got two more to give away, so make sure you sign up for the newsletter – we’re picking winners out of the newsletter list now, so that’s all there is to it!  Fill out the form HERE and you’ll be automatically entered in our giveaways from here on out!

In addition to all of that excitement, we of course have a blast with Jay and Geek Trivia, and then follow that up with a rousing discussion of viruses, STD’s (that’s “software transmitted diseases” if you didn’t know), malware, and the current state of fear.  You can get great insights, information, and products at www.pctools.com anytime of course, but nothing beats having Mark on the phone to answer questions and give us the lowdown in our regular ‘Eye on Security’ spot!

Of course what would TechTalk be without our cool sites of the week?  This week is no exception, with some really awesome sites:

  • MS Office Live – Got a (free) LiveId?  Well, now you’ve also got a fully functional sharepoint-style place to share project notes, to-do lists, shopping lists, contact information, whatever you can think of!
  • MS SharePoint Designer – You don’t need sharepoint to use this better than decent web creation software … it’s not quite on par with my personal (and very expensive) favorite, Dreamweaver, but if you’re looking for something good and free, this is a great piece of software!

Our podcast only song of the week this week is the pumping DYOT by Dab Hands – tune it in!  Catch you next week when we interview Mike Miller, prolific tech author at large!

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