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April 7, 2009
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April 14, 2009

Product Review – iFrogz DJ Headphones

iFrogz Union Headphones

iFrogz DJ Style “Union” Headphones
When I first saw these headphones, I went ‘Yow!’  My cohost and other DJ’s at the studio had a similar reaction.  I believe the quoted statement was ‘you look like a DJ escapee from a Mumbai discotheque!’ You can catch the complete show – and our live reactions right HERE.

Let there be no mistake however, iFrogz makes some serious ‘phones.  I plugged them first into my laptop to start reviewing and listening to music prep for the show and pulled up some Talking Heads ‘Naïve Melody’ … and was immediately impressed.  The bass response was deep and full, the highs registered well with only minimal loss at upper registers, and the overall comfort and fit were excellent.  It really made listening to some of these ‘classic’ tunes like hearing them for the first time again.

I used a 1/8” to ¼” adapter to allow me to plug into our professional Tascam equipment for the show.  Again, I was suitably impressed with the response and comfort during our hour long show.  The ‘phones come with an extra long cord, perfect for moving around the board, giving enough extra reach that you can easily arrange mic’s for guests, spin in your chair or whatever needs you might have.

I have to admit the aesthetics of the headphones are not my cup of tea (black, oolong or chai).  The chrome in particular I feel lends the set a somewhat cheap, fragile look.  This fragility is belied by the feel however; the ear pieces have good flexibility, and you can fold the whole thing up for carrying quite nicely.  The mesh interior to the headphones themselves is also a nice touch, and the fabric feels sturdy and tear resistant.  It’s yet to be seen if these last long-term, but I am optimistic and have no reason to believe otherwise.

The TechTalk bottom line on these is that, while if you’re looking for a professional set of headphones these may not fit your need like some high-end Koss or Bose, they also don’t carry anywhere near the pocket ripping cost that those do.  For home, home studio, or light professional usage, at the price point these come in at they really can’t be beat.  So long as you’re willing to look like – or perhaps are – a slumdog millionaire disco DJ, we’re confident you’ll be very happy with the iFrogz, DJ Union headjacks!

Overall  Rating – 4 out of 5 Chips

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  2. Gita says:

    really good article for a headphone thank you.

  3. tom says:

    Man I would love to be a DJ with these headphones and play the music I love Rock And Roll
    Best DJ Headphones 2011

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