Episode 143 – Outright.com Co-Founder Kevin Reeth!
March 30, 2009
Product Review – iFrogz DJ Headphones
April 13, 2009

Episode 119 – Oracle OpenWorld 2008 and URLesque

TOPIC: September 20th, 2008 – (A CLASSIC FROM OUR ARCHIVES) What don’t we have in this show? That might be the question to ask … we start off with our regular Jay Garmon answering and asking Geek Trivia, continue on with a great discussion with Oracle VP Tania Weidick about what can be expected at Oracle’s Open World 2008 conference this week in San Francisco, and cap it off with a visit from URLEsque to give us some really cool “cool sites of the week”!  And of course, you’ll be treated to our podcast only song as well – this week we’ve got the Fleet Foxes performing “White Winter Hymnal“.

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