Ep. 217 – Facebook for Old Folks!

TOPIC:  Dave and Mike have a GREAT time with return victim … errm, guest that is, Mike Miller!  He talks to us about his new book Facebook for Grownups (or as I like to call it – “Facebook for Old Folks”).

This wouldn’t really be TechTalk without our good friend Jay Garmon as he asks us this toughy:

What classic board game was used by the Allies to help rescue POW’s during WWII?

We wind up with just enough time for a few coolsites of the day – enjoy!

  • Art Project by Google – What can’t Google do?  Check out some fine art up close and personal – without leaving your seat!

Podcast only song this week is Static Waves by Andrew Bell feat. Katie Herzig!

Ep. 216 – Egypt Calling … Or Not?

TOPIC:  Dave and Mike have a lot more fun with Egypt than the Egyptians do, particularly since we can get on the Internet today!  All kidding aside it’s a more serious discussion than you might normally expect from us, and we wind up spending some time discussing the Challenger disaster and anniversary as well, but wind up keeping it tech (for the most part!).

A show wouldn’t be a real show without our good friend Jay Garmon and some awesome geek trivia:

What item of cargo from the original Challenger disaster survived unscathed and is still in use today?

No need to explain about our coolsites of the day – here they are:

  • Paint.NET – Can’t afford Photoshop?  Don’t want to mess around with GIMP? This will meet your needs on a budget!
  • Pinta – Built on the Paint.NET engine, but simplified and cleaned up.  Great stuff!
  • Runkeeper – Fitness app for your iPhone.  Free as in beer now and forever!

Podcast only song this week is Constellations by Darwin Deez.