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Ep 372 – Rob “RoboForm” Dinuzzo on Passwords and Security

RF-19.-roboform-logoTOPIC:  A great show this week for anyone concerned about getting hacked or – worse yet – simply LOSING all those passwords you’re forced to create every website you go to! Rob Dinuzzo (but you should call him “Roboform” Dinuzzo – it’s a nickname we’re hoping will catch on quick) joins us and spreads his knowledge and advice around freely.

For more info and to check out a great way to start being more secure today, look into the very friendly Roboform products yourself … in fact, that’s going to be our one cool site of the week this week:

  • Roboform.com – The place to go, it’s just that easy!  Roboform covers many OS and mobile devices, and comes in a wide variety of free and inexpensive offerings.

Episode 135 – Eye on Security

TOPIC: January 24th – Mark is Back!  Our prodigal Australian PC Tools security son went off and got hitched, had his long-haired hippy brother in town, and did all sorts of great stuff we all wish we could do.  Then he comes on our show and gets serious about security, letting us in on ways that you can get protected from Conficker!  And of course we’ve got the usual great Geek Trivia of Jay Garmon, three (count them three!) cool sites of the week and our podcast only song is “The Geeks Were Right” by The Faint!