Ep 389 – Anuj Saroch of ChoeTech!
June 19, 2015
Ep 392 – CanaDavia Returns!
August 10, 2015

Ep 390 – Does Craigslist Sell Nostalgia? -aka- Suffering with Sharepoint


The show so good, we named it twice!

News Items:

  • Craigslist recollections and updates, as EBay drops out.
  • Sharepoint woes with Mike and Jay.
  • Major android apps open to man-in-the-middle attacks!
  • Government hack impact expanded.
  • Lastpass, 1Password, and Keychain secure password services also hacked.

Geek Trivia with Jay Garmon:

What was the breakdown of Math vs. Verbal on the original SAT?

Cool Sites of the Week:

  • Kijiji – The Canadian alternative to Craigslist … it’s a real Canucklist!
  • Talking Dice! – Free dice roller available for android phones, with multiple types of die available to choose and uses text-to-speech technology to read the rolls and totals out to you. Great app, I love it! Psst – I am also the developer, so yes, I’m shamelessly plugging this, get over it 🙂

Podcast Only Song of the Week:

Every Other Freckle by Alt-J!

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