Ep 373 – The Boys Are Back in School
January 27, 2015
Ep 375 – Galaxy Quest(ions), Joe Oddo and Verizon!
February 11, 2015

Ep 374 – Stand Back for Snowpocalypse!

TOPIC:  OK, so maybe we underestimated the incoming snow a bit, and did debate the relative merits of “Snowmageddon” versus “Snowpocalypse,” but if you’re listening to us for the awesome weather reporting, you’re in the WRONG place!  If, however, you dialed in to hear about how the recent federal changes to eRate funding will affect your schools, why tweeting bile is bad for your heart, and to get excited about exploding kittens and card games, look no further!

Jay Garmon joins us to geek out on Ray Bradbury, Michael Chabon and other authors who discuss the perils of technology and comic books, as well as giving us this week’s awesome geek trivia!

What application did Mark Zuckerberg write after Facesmash and before Facebook, using the same basic code as both?

In prep for all that snow, we do provide one pretty darn cool cool site of the week:

  • Plowz – Actually “Plowz and Mowz” this is like the snow plowing/lawn mowing midwestern Uber! Load up the app, put in your zip, and find out how much you’ll be charged to get service on your driveway or lawn.

I don’t understand a word of it, but am totally into Khmer-pop lately, and “Uku” by Dengue Fever is a great example of why – enjoy!

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