Ep 370 – “The Interview” With Joe Oddo!
December 29, 2014
Ep 372 – Rob “RoboForm” Dinuzzo on Passwords and Security
January 22, 2015

Ep 371 – Prognostications and Prevarications for 2015!

memebsTOPIC:  Mostly prognostication, but we DO get into a long discussion about how the prevalence of memes adds to the misinformation quotient of the Internet … Jay Garmon gets to weigh in on that one too, before asking us this awesome question:

How many people have been both astronauts and been elected to Congress (not necessarily in that order)?

Then it’s time for our yearly “future look” for the team. We may not come up with many predictions, but they’re good ones!  We’re confident enough to put these down in ink, not just audio this year, so you can call us out on them as we miss/hit over the next 12 months:

  • Tesla figures out a way to sell direct to consumer. (JG)
  • A fully autonomous commuter vehicle will be put into regular use.  (MK)
  • We will see the first conventional military response to a cyber-attack.  (JG)
  • NVRAM will begin replacing hard drives in consumer tech devices.  (DS)
  • Major breach of healthcare data will reveal not only that our government is just as bad at protecting our data as corporations are, but also details of price collusion and related corruption. (MK)

We end up with the Black Keys screaming out some “Howlin’ for You” off their album Brothers!

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