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Ep 372 – Rob “RoboForm” Dinuzzo on Passwords and Security

RF-19.-roboform-logoTOPIC:  A great show this week for anyone concerned about getting hacked or – worse yet – simply LOSING all those passwords you’re forced to create every website you go to! Rob Dinuzzo (but you should call him “Roboform” Dinuzzo – it’s a nickname we’re hoping will catch on quick) joins us and spreads his knowledge and advice around freely.

For more info and to check out a great way to start being more secure today, look into the very friendly Roboform products yourself … in fact, that’s going to be our one cool site of the week this week:

  • – The place to go, it’s just that easy!  Roboform covers many OS and mobile devices, and comes in a wide variety of free and inexpensive offerings.