Ep. 355 – Ray Daniel, Author of “Terminated”!
August 11, 2014
Ep 357 – College Bound AND Chromebook Carrying?
September 1, 2014

Ep 356 – All Your Credit Cards Are Belong to Us!

TOPIC:  Can you believe it? More – yes MORE security issues with Jewel and SuperValu experiencing a breach.  So what can you do? And should companies be allowed to keep collecting data that can be stolen like this?  Dave and Mike weigh in and let you know what we think this week!

We also pick up a hitchhiking robot, watch two shows at once without cable, bemoan the loss of the big screen, wonder if we really need to flag things with the [satire] tag, and more with our good friend Jay Garmon, who also asks us this:

What is the biggest botnet ever detected, and what is it’s total SPAM transmission possible?

Cool Sites of the Week:

  • Umano – A great replacement to the recently deadpooled Swell Radio, this app for your phone lets you listen to news articles from categories you choose being read to you by humans.  Not as weird as it sounds, this lets you curate a reading “radio” station for all you commuters!

We rocking the French tune Je Veux te Voir by Yelle as a fun way to end the show this week!

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