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May 28, 2014
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June 24, 2014

Ep 351 – Fred Hoch CEO of ITA

TOPIC:  After a little breakdown Gangnam Style, and shock that nearly half of us have been hacked, we are joined by special guest Fred Hoch, CEO of the Illinois Technology Association!  Fred tells us what’s wrong – and right – with the technology business economy in Illinois, and what he and other Chicago-based organizations are doing to make it even better!

On top of an awesome interview with Fred, we even have time for a few great Coolsites of the Week this week:

  • Illinois Technology Association (ITA) – What this show is all about! Located right downtown, these folks are working hard to keep Illinois working hard and bringing tech companies together.
  • TechNexus – The technology “clubhouse” Fred started to get tech people talking.
  • Swell (Beta) – Beta only for Android, but this streaming news service is something you should jump on as soon as you can!  Like Pandora, but for news …
  • Isoscope – Walking ranges in cities
  • FlipQuiz.me – Jeopardy! style quizzes, easy to make, free, sharable, online, what more could you ask for?
  • Quartermaster.info – All of you fellow GoT geeks need to jump in to this amazing interactive map, character information, travel paths complete with both start and bloody endpoints … and all sans spoilers!

Podcast only song of the week this week is the chill “This Head I Hold” by Electric Guest!

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