Ep. 324 – We Will, We Will, Roku!
November 15, 2013
Ep. 326 – Where oh Where has my Winamp Gone?
November 30, 2013

TOPIC:  How much do you figure you’re worth?  2? 2 and a half?  How about 3 … BILLION dollars!?  Well, that kind of money may excite you and me, but the fellas over at Snapchat figure it’s still not enough … We have a lot of fun talking about that, bloatware, XBox vs the PS4 and other tech news before Jay Garmon comes on with this wing-dinger for us:

What generation of gaming consoles was the only one in history that didn’t have a single entry from Microsoft, Sony, OR Nintendo?

“Kids Talk Tech” this week gets back to it’s roots with a review of “Hungry Shark Evolution” – free and fun for iOS!

The podcast only song of the week this week is “Female Robbery” by the Neighborhood!

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