TOPIC: Whether you are a “Trekkie” or not … wait a minute, what show are you listening to?  Of COURSE you’re a Trekkie!  So in that case you’ll definitely want to tune in this week as we have an in-depth and engaging discussion about Star Trek, old, recent, new and future with Jeanne Wolf, Hollywood journalist and media pundit.  We cover the gamut from Trek as a vanguard of racial integration on TV, Kirk as a metaphor for America, and of course Zachary Quinto’s bangs!

Dave comes on with us for a bit, though we lose him again to the Canadian backwoods Internet thieves, but Jay Garmon keeps our Trek in check with accurate info and this awesome trivia for the week:

How often does a Hiroshima-sized powerful asteroid intersect with the Earth?

Apparently that happens a LOT, so I’m freaking out already which leaves no time for coolsites (but you should still check out):

As much as we hate to, eventually we wrap the show up with “All the Kings Men” by Wild Beasts!