k9937TOPIC:  “To P or not NP, that is the question.  Whether ’tis nobler in the electronic minds of men to solve their problems quickly, or to suffer the slings and arrows of non-deterministic machine solutions in polynomial time … ”  Alright, admittedly we wind up a bit off topic this week (though not so far afield as to be Bowdlerizing Shakespeare) but we have an absolute blast interviewing author Lance Fortnow about whether P will ever be equal to NP and solve all of life’s problems! A special shout-out goes to Lance, who was brave enough to join us physically, in-studio and take part in the whole show!

Jay Garmon joins us with some geek flavor and a fantastic geek trivia question too:

What sport was created in the Year 2000 by a single UseNet post?

No time at all for going off with multiple cool sites, but these are cool enough:

  • Golden Ticket Book – One of many places to find out more about P, NP and Lance Fortnow!
  • Computational Complexity – Lance’s long-running blog, and a great place to see what else is going on in theoretical computation.

We close out with our podcast only song of the week “One Day/The Reckoning Song”.