Ep. 303 – Webalo and the Rise of the BYOD Workforce!
March 20, 2013
Ep. 305 – Alexandre Montagu discusses Viacom vs. YouTube
April 25, 2013

Ep. 304 – Conglomeration Conflagration!

TOPIC:  No, Conglomeration attendees were not responsible for the riots in Louisville, though Jay Garmon‘s rundown of the annual Sci-Fi and table gaming convention may get you heated up!  You’ll wish you were there … and not only that but Jay gives us another great geek trivia question:

How many times did Roger Ebert select a Science Fiction film as one of the year’s best?

We also provide you a few extra coolsites of the week this week –

  • Erin Hulin Blog – A friend’s blog, detailing her struggles with MS and life.  Support her fight, and don’t forget to look into ways that you can help with research, money and time!
  • Incompetech – Free online graph paper, just download and print!
  • PrintFreeGraphPaper.com – Free online graph paper, and this one you can define your own!
  • AnythingAfter App – For iOS or Android, will tell you if there’s a reason to stick around after the credits!
  • Brogue – Remember the text character “graphic” adventure game Rogue?  This is just like it, but different!

After all is said and done, we finish it off with “Royals”.  Come back in two weeks for our next show!

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