TOPIC:  We have a great interview today with the author of the book “The Half-Life of Facts,” Sam Arbesman!  It’s a fascinating and deep book, and Sam does a wonderful job of explaining how all of the “facts” we know are constantly being overturned … and that this is occurring at a mathematically definable rate.  If that scares you, don’t worry, we also spend a lot of time talking about Popeye, astronomy, and who exactly discovered the last major organ in the human body!

The show wouldn’t be complete without Jay Garmon on hand to ask us this geek question of the week:

How and when did the first reported lottery in history occur?

No cool sites of the week this week, but make sure you check out these links for more info about Sam Arbesman and his book:

  • “The Half Life of Facts” Book website:
  • Sam Arbesman’s website:

Finishing it all off is a fantastic new song by Alt-J called “Fitzpleasure.”  It’s also one of the creepiest videos I’ve seen in a long time – go find it on YouTube when you get a chance!