TOPIC:  No, I’m not trying to beg for praise – that’s the title of the fascinating new book that authors Carl Meyer and Amy Langville have written … and we have a great time talking to them about it today!  We cover some of the more interesting ways that math, sports, ratings and rankings all get together – it may not help you make your first million in Vegas, but then again, it won’t hurt!

Rusty Silber, from WRLR’s own Sports Corner joins us to add a much-needed sense of balance and insight.

There’s a few news stories in the beginning and then Jay Garmon also jumps in for a quick Geek Trivia fix:

What was the first linewide change of the Coca Cola formula in 1935 – and why was it performed?

We have too much fun talking with Amy and Carl this week, so the coolsites are little slim:

The podcast only song of the week is “Pickpocket” by Fujiya & Miyagi.