Special Report – Top Shows of 2011!
January 5, 2012
Ep. 256 – Ride the Tech Buffalo!
January 16, 2012

Ep. 255 – Reddit’s Erik Martin talks SOPA!

TOPIC:  You’ve heard Mike rant about SOPA often enough … it’s about time he got someone on-air knowledgeable about the darn thing!  If you’ve been wondering what it is, or why we should hate it, Reddit‘s GM Erik Martin provides a much needed clear head and informed insight into the topic.

Not to let a show go without some sort of rant, Mike also gets his whine on about ereaders and newspapers and why they don’t combine forces offering low-cost ereaders with a subscription contract … which, judging by the news today somebody must have listened!

Jay Garmon joins us to answer last week’s geek trivia and present a great new one:

Who was the famous inventor that had the year 4000 exception suggestion to replace the leap year idea, and why was this suggestion not made into a rule?

We skip the whole coolsite of the week thing again (too much cool stuff going on with the show), but some places you should check out include:

  • SOPA on Reddit – We discuss this on air, and it’s a great place to start for in-depth and current info about SOPA!
  • Reddit.com – If you haven’t gotten there yet, well, it’s about time you did!
  • TechTalk on Facebook – Don’t forget to “like” us if you’re a fan!

The podcast only song is the awesome “She Only Sleeps …” by David Byrne!

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