Ep. 252 – Popular Science Top Innovations of 2011!
December 14, 2011
Ep. 254 – The year in review (and other random stuff)
January 4, 2012

Ep. 253 – Dynamic Collaboration!

TOPIC:     It’s the episode right before Christmas, and all through the station not a creature is stirring … well, except Mike and Dave and their fantastic guests this week!  Authors Ray Schwemmer and Rick Havrilla spend time with us discussing their new book “Dynamic Collaboration” and getting deep into how collaboration is changing today – and what that means to you!  From presence to web conferencing, LinkedIn and more, we get deep into how dynamic collaboration is in the Internet era.

Jay EncycloGarmonica joins us for just long enough to answer the question from a few weeks ago and provide a new braintwister:

How did Sears & Roebuck’s force NORAD’s predecessor CONAD to start following Santa?

We then finish up with some great coolsites of the week:

  • PortableNorthPole – Free, personalized video messages for your kids straight from the Big Man himself!
  • NORAD Santa – Track Santa in real time as he traverses the globe, delivering presents for young and old! 🙂

And our podcast only song of the week is the aggressively non-Christmas “Lights” by Ellie Golding.

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