Ep. 251 – Talking Turkey
December 1, 2011
Ep. 253 – Dynamic Collaboration!
December 23, 2011

Ep. 252 – Popular Science Top Innovations of 2011!

TOPIC:     We’ve got a full house and an exciting show today!  Not only is Dave here, but Scott Andraschko of Round Lake Area Schools drops in to add some much-needed insight and expertise to our conversation.  But of course, that’s not all!  Corinne Iozzo of Popular Science helps us out by breaking down some of the coolest innovations of 2011 as published in the Popular Science magazine and website!  This is one of those must-listen episodes that makes it worth slogging through the rest of the garbage we usually post 🙂

In other news; Dave has gadget fever, portable speakers are all the rage, and Mike can’t keep his hands off of his wife’s Christmas present.  And yes, that is a euphemism for a Samsung Galaxy 10.1″ android tablet!

We finish up with some coolsites of the week:

  • DocumentaryTube – Free documentaries?  How is this possible, you ask?  Go check out DocumentaryTube and find out now (plus learn yourself a little something)!  Free. Educational.  Mmmm, documentaries.
  • Presentify.Me – Make those groupons you’re buying for friends and family look good enough to wrap!
  • TimeSearch.info – With keyword searching, it puts events into a timeline and highlights the most important milestones.  You’ve got to check this out to understand and appreciate!

And our podcast only song of the week is “Don’t Kick the Chair” by Dia Framton with Kid Cudi.

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