Ep. 234 – Autobots Rise Up!
June 27, 2011
Ep. 236 – Chip Bell is “Wired and Dangerous”!
July 12, 2011

Ep. 235 – Matt Richtel’s Idle Hands!

TOPIC:  Pulitzer prize winning journalist and author Matt Richtel comes on-air to discuss his newest book and the fate of our brains, on tech!  Plus, Jay Garmon gives us another zinger with this geek trivia question:

How many mommies and daddies did Dolly, the famous cloned sheep have?

We would’ve like to spend more time with Matt and Jay, but don’t mind getting one coolsite in anyways:

The podcast only song of the week is by The Juan Maclean and is called “Accusations.”  Enjoy!

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