Ep. 233 – VaporStream and IT Harvest
June 20, 2011
Ep. 235 – Matt Richtel’s Idle Hands!
July 7, 2011

Ep. 234 – Autobots Rise Up!

TOPIC:  Google’s got robot cars roaming the highways and by-ways of America!  Mike and Dave discuss this and more on this week’s episode.  Plus, Jay Garmon tells us why you should sign up for Conglomeration.net today, and then throws this humdinger at us:

What two movies created by a famous Hollywood geek pushed the PG rating so far that the MPAA created PG-13?

Just time for a couple of coolsites this week, with:

  • DeliveReads– Get curated news delivered to your kindle weekly, automatically, freely!
  • Brain Workshop – Based on some of the newest brain research going on, these games are sure to keep you busy if not smarter!

Podcast only song of the week is “When I’m Wrong” by Weep.

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