Ep. 231 – Mobile Security Woes
June 1, 2011
Ep. 233 – VaporStream and IT Harvest
June 20, 2011

Ep. 232 – Bitcoins, Amazon and Education?

TOPIC:  Dave and Mike try to figure out how many bitcoins make a kilocoin, which somehow leads Mike into (yet another) rant on Amazon and the public education system … a deep, deep rant on the public education system.  But don’t turn that dial just yet, there’s even more great stuff to listen to!

Jay Garmon joins us again and asks the question:

What two major game console manufacturers almost collaborated on a game unit?

We do deliver on the coolsite front this week again too:

  • Nemo Documents – Document storage and retrieval by date!
  • Quick Forget – Set an expiration date for that email or message link!

And we end with the podcast only song of the week “Buildings and Mountains” by the Republic Tigers!

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