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Ep. 229 – Al Franken’s Felonious Linkers!

TOPIC:  Mike and Dave “Sparkela, Spark-o-matic, Sparky, take your pick!” Saganaki get a little riled up about Senator Franken’s most recent foray into crushing freedom on the Internet, but Mike does wax rhapsodic about the Library of Congress opening up their free catalog of audio for us all (including, of course, Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue”).

We have two fun coolsites of the week to share too!

  • This is Not Porn – Some pretty interesting and unique celeb pics.  And it’s not porn!
  • Stolen Camera Finder – Uses the serial numbers you didn’t know were embedded into every picture you take to find new pictures available online from your stolen camera!

And then an awesome podcast only song “DoubleTwist Edit”!

Ep. 228 – Sick of Data Breaches

TOPIC:  Mike’s just sick – sick of data breaches, and sick with a nasty head cold as he goes into his final week of preparation for a 1/2 marathon.  It may slow him down on the course, but it doesn’t slow the fun down this week’s show as Dave and he break bad about Sony, Texas and the seemingly dozens of other security and data breaches over the last few weeks!

You’d think with missing Jay we’d have all sorts of time for coolsites of the week, but instead we can only squeeze out these two:

  • Food On The Table – Helps you pick your meals with recipes, and creates shopping lists for the week – complete with coupons – too!
  • Google Charts – Awesome, and awesomely easy chart creation right in google, right to docs, in realtime!

We end this week with the podcast only song “Sadie Hawkins Day” by Yip Deceiver!