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Ep. 227 – LeBlanc Dishes on Jive

TOPIC:  He may not be as good looking as Matt, but Bryan LeBlanc from Jive software is a heck of a lot more social!  Social software is the next big thing … and Jive has got some great stuff going on that Dave and I get pretty excited about.  Mike’s still mad about Amazon leaving Illinois, and enjoys hearing about their recent troubles in the cloud.

Plus, we even get a few cool sites of the day in:

  • A Google A Day – Missed trivia today?  Get your fill every day at this site, specially designed on Google to make the searches interesting and not revealing.
  • TravelStormer – Trying to get 3 people to agree where to go for vacation can be tough.  Getting events scheduled for a week for a dozen well nigh impossible.  Until free service travelstormer that is!

And then there’s the podcast only song “Compass Commands” by 31 knots!

Ep. 225 – McAfee in the Breach!

TOPIC:  Adam Wosotowsky, principal engineer for McAfee joins Mike and Dave this week to give us McAfee’s great insights and thoughts on what to do now that your data’s been breached once again!  That’s right, we’re talking about Epsilon and all the other ways your private data has been abused the past few weeks!

And then Dave gets all “is it cosmo or c-moss? Ect or etc? Cash-A or cash?” as we hang our personal pronunciation pecadillos out to dry on this very special episode of techtalk!

Our good friend Jay Garmon comes on early in the show to give us this bit of trivia fun:

What space-flight record is held by the crew of the Apollo 13?

Wouldn’t be real show if we didn’t drop some great coolsites of the week on you too of course:

  • TrustedSource – McAfee sponsored site to validate IP address and domain names.
  • Databreaches.Net – Just what it looks like; up-to-the minute info on the ways your data’s been lost!
  • – Something got past your awesome defenses?  Go here and report it!
  • HTMLEdit – Verify your html code across multiple browsers in real time!

And we end with the podcast only song of “Apple+Option+Fire” by Hot Lava!