Ep. 220 – Sweet Gadgety Goodness!
February 28, 2011
Ep. 222 – Oh No, Yoko!
March 22, 2011

Ep. 221 – And the Kitchen Sink too!

TOPIC:  Tips from Conan, iPad2 bashing, more kindle talk, angry birds on your screen and a quick discussion of the not yet but soon to be released RIM Playbook – yes, we’re scattered, but gosh do we have a good time this week!

Our good friend Jay Garmon chimes in with lots of discussion and geeky goodness, and then leaves us with this cliffhanger:

What hall of fame rock band lent their music to be the theme of the original “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” radio plays?

We make up for the paucity of last week’s coolsites with a whole mess of ’em this week:

  • Backupify.com – Jay’s recommended way to never lose any of your cloud; gmail, twitter, facebook, you name it they got your back!
  • The Warrior Dash – Via Lisa in Wisconsin, this has nothing to do with tech and everything to do with fun!  Run obstacles, get muddy, be in shape!
  • Hedgewars – Only the best (and most opensourcey) version of Scorched Earth or Worms … ever!
  • dlvr.it – Pronounced “deliver it” this neat little site means you only ever have to post once and in one place to get your posts put in all your sharing sites … from twitter to linkedin to facebook and back again!

And we end with the podcast only song of “Robot” by Dan Mangan!

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