Ep. 211 – Should Wikileaks be “un-hosted”?
December 14, 2010
Ep. 213 – Top 10 of 2010!
January 5, 2011

Ep. 212 – Cisco and Linksys Router Ramblings!

TOPIC:  Mike and Dave get together for the final show of 2010 to do our usual shtick of news, views, interviews and reviews!  We have the great pleasure of Karen Sohl of Cisco Consumer Products joining us to discuss the new router tech, how it’ll help you get all your media connected at home, and why you should think about upgrading that reliable (but older) router now!  We talk specifically about the new Linksys E2000, E3000 and Cisco Valet Plus routers, so if you’re interested in any of these you’ll definitely want to tune in!

In addition to that – as if it weren’t enough – we get Jay Garmon onto ask the burning question(s) of the week:

Where were the crowd noises being used for the new movie Tron Legacy sourced?

Believe it or not, we even manage to find time for one great coolsites of the week, courtesy of Lou from Australia:

  • Hop Shop & Go – Provides International shoppers a legit US address so that you can patronize those online merchants that won’t ship out of the country!

And of course no show would be complete without the podcast only song of the week – This week we heat things up with Passport Feat. Sciryl by Turnstylz!

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